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Starfield release time for all regions

Discover when Starfield releases in your region

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Want to know the Starfield release time? After a wait that felt almost as endless as space itself, Starfield is nearly here. The first single-player RPG from Bethesda in almost a decade, Starfield lets you shoot off into the stars on an adventure that spans the universe. If you can't wait to blast off into space and are desperate to find out the exact time that Starfield releases, then you're in the right place.

In this guide, we'll break down the exact Starfield release time. We'll cover the early access and standard release times, so that you know when you'll gain access, regardless of which version you purchased.

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Starfield early access release time

The Starfield early access release time is 12am UTC on Friday 1st September. Early access is only available to those who purchase the Starfield Digital Premium Edition, which costs $99.99/£85.99.

You can find the exact Starfield early access release time in your region below:

  • US West: 5pm PDT (Thursday 31st)
  • US East: 8pm EDT (Thursday 31st)
  • UK: 1am BST (Friday 1st)
  • Europe: 2am CEST (Friday 1st)
  • Japan: 9am JST (Friday 1st)
  • Australia: 10am AEST (Friday 1st)

Make sure to use this timezone converter to check the exact time in your area.

For those who purchase the standard version, Starfield fully releases at 12am UTC on Wednesday 6th September. This is also when Starfield will go live on Xbox Game Pass.

Starfield download size

Starfield preloads are available now on Xbox Series X and S, which gives us a good indication of its download size. According to those who have preloaded on Xbox, Starfield is around 125 GB.

Starfield's PC preload goes live on Wednesday, August 30th, so start clearing space on your hard drive so that you can get the download finished before launch.

That wraps up our guide on the Starfield release time. If you're itching to consume every single Starfield detail while waiting to dive in, check out our thoughts on Starfield's opening mission. For something much more endgame-focused, learn about the Legendary Ships that you'll encounter among the stars.

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